The Need for a Win.

Yes, Rakia!

My goodness, it feels good when one of my authors is successful. It feels like a success for me, too. That’s what happened today. A young writer whose first novel I edited this past summer was offered a book deal with a major publisher. Not one of the rinky-dink ones either. I’m talking a MAJOR PLAYER.

Especially for freelancer editors like me, this kind of news is just so … affirming. It lets me know that although I often work with writers who come to publishing via non-traditional routes, there’s still literary space for newcomers. In fact, there’s room for everybody.

Yes, today is a good day.


About RtG

Rakia the Great, or RtG, is a publishing geek and sometimes literary snob. She's stumbling her way towards personal fulfillment and world domination by, oh, I dunno, writing this blog. Most days she's living her dream as a fancy schmancy editor. But not, like, today.
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