Ann Curry, For the Win

Official news of Ann Curry’s departure from “The Today Show” got buried as the Supreme Court’s healthcare ruling came in. There have been leaks about her impending ouster since last week, so this wasn’t a surprise. But I have to say, I teared up when she announced it. I always thought she was totally wrong for the top “Today” spot, but it was sad to see her get booted from a job she really, really wanted and waited in line a long time to get.

The good news — actually, the very good news — is that NBC has given her everything but the kitchen sink to stay on in a super-reporter role. Curry will get to report on whatever she wants and cover it with the crew of her choice until she basically retires. I’d say that’s not only a better fit for her, but it’s also a much better job. Who wants the pressure of people-pleasing and ratings-watching? Ann Curry, you’ll be NBC’s Christiane Amanpour. Embrace it.


About RtG

Rakia the Great, or RtG, is a publishing geek and sometimes literary snob. She's stumbling her way towards personal fulfillment and world domination by, oh, I dunno, writing this blog. Most days she's living her dream as a fancy schmancy editor. But not, like, today.
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