Kal Penn, I ain’t mad at ya.

Penn leaves "House" for the White House.

Penn leaves "House" for the White House.

Actor Kal Penn has decided to leave Hollywood.

You might not know Penn by his name alone, but you’ve probably heard of his most famous film, “Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.” It even had a sequel: “Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”*

For the past two seasons, Penn has co-starred on the hit tv series “House.” But he quit the show after — get this — he was offered a job to work in the Obama administration.

My first thought was, “Shoot, how can I do this?” I mean, the only thing that might be better than working for B would be working directly for Meesh.

But it all makes sense. Penn was an ardent and vocal Obama supporter from the very beginning. And during B’s campaign, he volunteered as a liaison to the Asian-American community — or something like that. Penn’s new title is still a little murky. But his early devotion has led to an awesome job. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t envious.

Right after B won, I had a slim glimmer of hope that I might get one of those cool jobs listed in the Plum Book. I applied but never got a call back. (Shocker.) My disappointment aside, Penn gets a Tiger Woods-like fist pump in the air from me. This is a very, very good look for him.

* I never saw these movies, but I did see Penn in the wonderful indie film “The Namesake.” Check it out. Or better yet, read the book.


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One Response to Kal Penn, I ain’t mad at ya.

  1. That’s fantastic! I saw Harold and Kumar go to White Castle – it was funny enough (if you like that kind of thing) but I really like this actor. I’m *so* jealous!

    Thanks for sharing!

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