Toni Braxton for Autism Speaks

I love this commercial. It really does say it all, doesn’t it?


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5 Responses to Toni Braxton for Autism Speaks

  1. Janay says:

    i agree…i like it. i didnt know where it was going at first. shes right though, early intervention with autistic children makes a HELL of a difference.

  2. RtG says:

    I had the same feeling at first. I couldn’t figure out what she was peddling, so when it got to the end, I was happily surprised…though really saddened by the statistics. One is 150 — really?!

  3. T.Y. says:

    I’ve never seen this commercial, but it is really deep. I felt sad after seeing this but proud that she is trying to spread awareness.

  4. Am glad you saw this. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, somewhat akin to autism and is non-verbal. I’m a believer in diagnosis but I also say seek out many practitioners. Autism is so complex and in addition to being neurological, it also has environmental, nutritional, and even maternal health cohorts. When we speak of the odds we must remember that the odds nowadays are greater than they were back in the day. Like cancer, diabetes, arthritis, it’s growing and becoming more and more common. When cancer and diabetes — which used to be “degenerative disease”– are now major killers of children, one has to wonder what toxins are in our food, air, vaccines, etc. Anyway, a great post. Am always happy to see someone speaking up about autism. -C

  5. Dennis Tolliver Sr. says:

    We (my wife & I) know for sure that EARLY INTERVENTION is the KEY! Our youngest son, CALEB is 13yrs. old & was diagnosed at 18 months. We started him on ALL of the suggested therapys (occupational, music, speech, fine motor, etc.). He started out only repeating everything we said to him to forming his own sentences. This is a JOURNEY that you are on for a LIVE TIME. The COMMITMENT must be that strong. Our desire is that Caleb will one day be SELF-SUFFICIENT. He’s still delayed in some areas but we continue to press on. The other side oof AUTISM is that it EFFECTS the WHOLE FAMILY. There’s LESS invites to family & friends GET TOGETHERS. People percieve you DIFFERENT & some right out AVOID you. In the African American Community (which we’re from) there’s still a great deal of DENIAL which results in a LATER DIAGNOSE (average, 5 -7yrs. old) where precious time is LOSS. For this reason, my wife formed the African American Autism Support Services of ARIZONA, where we have MONTHLY meetings to provide INFORMATION & SUPPORT to those in the African American Community who for whatever reason DISTRUSTS, main society concerning their child. The age ranges from 18 months thru adulthood. Mrs. Toni Braxton (I apologize for not knowing your husbands last name) we would greatly APPRECIATE your help along with other high profiled names (Chaka Kahn, Holly Robinson Peete) form a COALITION & address this on an NATIONAL basis in our community. On your time please leave a message on our email address : african-americanautismof or call602-772-1412. Soon we will be useing youtube to further our CAUSE to further INFORM our community & the community at LARGE. God bless you & your family.

    Mr. Dennis Tolliver Sr.

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